Protect Your Pets – Let Those Dandelions Grow!
This may seem like an odd request for those of us accustomed to keeping our yard the greenest in the neighborhood, but it could be an important factor in your pet's life. How can letting the dandelions grow help your pet, you ask? Here's my story and I hope it doesn't happen to you.
Adorable Baby Lamb Has Play Time In The Living Room [VIDEO]
I live on a farm, and I have had my share of critters in the house! Pigs, bunnies, ducks, calves and even lambs. But nothing as animated and sweet as this lamb cavorting around in the living room. This is guaranteed to make you smile. Watch it after the jump.
Meet Milo The Dog That Smiles Like A Human [VIDEO]
His name is Milo, and he has a better smile than a lot of people I know. I have often thought my dog Claire had a great smile. I notice it every time she is out running, it looks like she is smiling. Nothing like Milo's big grin.
Take the jump and get a look at Milo the smiling dog. I promise it…
Meet Ben – Today’s – Pal With Paws [PHOTO]
Ben has the honor of being our first featured Pal with Paws for 2012. As you can tell by the picture he's very thrilled about the project. Ted sent me this holiday photo of his pal Ben. Learn more about this lazy Saint Bernard after the jump.
9 Adorably Mismatched Animal Pals [VIDEOS]
Just like us humans are fascinated by the behavior of animals, and enjoy interacting with our furry friends when we have the opportunity, some animals display similar curiosities toward other species in the animal kingdom.
Our nine favorite inter-species animal videos of 2011 are below…

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