Flint has never looked quite like this!

Meet the adorable Pomeranian with the coolest name ever.

He models, he acts, he might be writing a book and he has a calender for 2014. His name is Flint and he is the hottest Pomeranian on the internet right now. His Facebook page gets hundreds of new likes every day, and fans of Flint hit his website regularly for updates and new pictures.

Flint's mom, photographer Robin Yu, loves her super star dearly. She told My Modern Met recently, "He brings all sorts of joy to my life. He does things with all his doggie seriousness, and I just find it so cute and funny. He's definitely a bright spot in my live and I'm so lucky to have him."


Flint the Pomeranian is from Portland, OR, so I couldn't help but be curious as to where his name came from. I reached out to his owner and she explained that the unique name came with the puppy when she got him at the age of nine months. Flint was already a show dog and since his legal name is "Rise N Shine's I'm On Fire", the breeder stuck with that theme and named him Flint, since flint is used to start a fire.

Flint has his own promo reel. Watch it below.