Theo and Beau are taking the internet by storm with some of the most heart-melting photos I've ever seen!

Theo is a mixed breed puppy that was rescued along with 10 siblings from a back yard in California at just seven weeks old. Jessica and Justin Shyba and their three children discovered him at their local SPCA just days later as they were searching for their newest family member. From the very beginning, Theo seemed to have a very special bond with Beau, the youngest of the children, who is just a young toddler.

On the third day home with Theo, the family's "new beloved puppy brother", Jessica rocked Beau and Theo in preparation for an afternoon nap and every day since the little Boxer/Shepard/Labrador retriever rescue puppy is waiting at nap time for their new treasured routine. Jessica describes the bond between Theo and Beau as "the most organic and beautiful friendship" that she has ever seen.


She has been documenting their sacred puppy and boy naps on her blog, mommasgonecity and on Instagram via #theoandbeau. Click either of the two links for some of the most heart melting photos you will ever see!


The response to both has been huge and Jessica is hoping to put her photos into a book in the near future, with all proceeds going to the SPCA where they adopted Theo.