Even in this day of iPhone pictures and computer generated slide shows, there is something special about a actual photograph. They are timeless, they are treasures, and they are memories.

Victims of the Midland floods in May not only lost homes filled with processions, many lost priceless photographs. From family pictures to wedding albums, lost were memories that can't be replaced.

One local photographer is hoping to use her talents to give a little something back to those flood survivors. Kylie Gillette sharing her talents with a camera with  families in her community by spreading a little photographic joy to those that have suffered so much this year.

Gillette, whose family is originally from Sanford, is offering those affected by the flood special photo sessions. She knows it can't replace the memories of what was lost, but maybe it can brighten their holiday season.  "I just want to do my part. So many people have had a hard year and if there is any way I can make it better I would love to do that", Gillette said.

Gillette, who is known business wise as f/8 Photography in Midland, will be offering basic family sessions for those interested in capturing new memories. "With Michigan winter weather coming I am allowing families to pick when they would like their photos taken any time in the next upcoming year. It would almost be impossible to do them all before Christmas but I am hoping to accommodate many before the holidays", she said.

Gillette says it's really quite simple as to why she's doing this for those having a tough time. "I love what I do. I want people have hope this holiday season, and I would do anything for my neighbors."

If you are interested, you can email Kylie at gillettekylie@yahoo.com.


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