The Windsor native, who now lives in Michigan, is writing a book about the ferry.

For somebody like me who has only lived here for four years, I couldn't even tell you what Boblo Island was...until the news broke a couple of weeks ago that its iconic ferry was on fire.

David Newman is an author who is originally from Windsor, but now lives here in the mitten state, considers himself a Boblo "enthusiast" and is now writing a book about the island and the ferry. He says that he fell in love with the park when he took day trips from Canada to visit it, and that's even how he met his wife - she's also a Boblo enthusiast and they met at a postcard convention years ago.

Newman wants to compile hundreds, if not thousands of stories in his book. If you have a memory that you'd like to share, you can email him at He also encourages contributors to send a pic or two, if you have them.

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