A 10-year-old boy was cheated out of a prize at a pre-game contest held outside AT&T Stadium in Texas last week, just because he is a Lions fan.

Now we all know being a fan of the Detroit Lions can be a heavy burden -- and this young fan named Roman appears to take it seriously. He was given the tickets by his grandmother, and when he participated in a 'musical chairs' type contest before last week's Lions-Cowboys contest, he clearly won -- as you can see in the video posted to YouTube by our Townsquare Media sister station in Amarillo, Texas.

But when the contest host saw that young Roman was wearing a Lions jersey, she decided to do yet another round of the contest, this time awarding the top prize -- a coveted PS4 Madden game -- to the other contestant. Roman was then given the consolation prize, a Batman DVD and Led Zeppelin CD. (Um, he's 10!)

A GoFundMe page has since been created, in order to get this young Lions fan the PS4 game that should have been his in the first place, as well as plenty of Lions swag.

- George McIntyre
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