According to a survey of adults, 25% of us wish for this when we blow out the candles on our birthday cake. What?

More time with our significant other. Congratulations to today's winner, Becky Baxter from Davison.


A grilled-cheese is said to be America's #1 comfort food -- but according to a survey of married men, what is their pick for favorite comfort food?

Mashed potatoes. Congratulations to today's winner, Paulette Chaney from Flint.


This is the #1 lie told in offices. What is it?

I'm in a meeting! Congratulations to today's winner, Anita Carr from Mt. Morris.


On average, men spend 42 minutes longer than women doing this each week.

Eating. Congratulations to Barb, who picks up today's Workday 108 prize.


10% say this is the most-stressful thing we do all year. What is it?

Go on vacation! Congrats to today's winner, Beverley Nichols from Davison.

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