According to a survey of Americans, 10% say this is the main reason they like working from home. What is it?

So they don't have to work as much. Congratulations to today's winner, Jessica Richardson from Flint.


In the US, about half of us have one. About 2/3 of those who have one, hate it. What is it?

A nickname. Congratulations to today's winner, Rachel Ptaszeski from Mayville.


When people were asked to name something they think is possessed, what was the number-one response?

Their children! Congratulations to today's winner, Sue Dugdale from Burton.


According to a survey of adults, 61% of us do this via smartphone, but only 20% do it in person. What?

Say "I love you." Congrats to today's winner, Mary McKenzie from Flint.

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