Rotten thing to do to somebody? Absolutely. But another case where common sense should've kicked in.

Wayne resident Dan Sommerville says that he searched for Robert Richie on Facebook, and when he find a profile, messaged him about tickets to one of his upcoming shows. He said that he's never been able to buy them before they sell out.

The person on the other end said he would sell him tickets and backstage $300 a piece, and told him to wire the money to a Walmart in North Carolina.

He also sent copies of his wife's and his ID. He's called the police and is hoping that Kid Rock will see this story and actually send him tickets.

Since the story has aired, a Channel 7 viewer has given Dan tickets to a Kid Rock show.

Look, we've been scammed before. It's not cool. But wiring money to a Walmart in North Carolina for Kid Rock tickets? C'mon now.

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