According to a survey of adults, 36% of us hate it when the boss does this. What?

Take credit for someone else's work. Congratulations to today's winner, Trina Blakemore from Mt. Morris.


It's estimated that the average worker says this phrase three times a week. What?

"I need a vacation." Congratulations to today's winner, Sue Hicks from Burton.


It's estimated that 20% of adults in the US learned how to text because of this TV show. What is it?

'American Idol.' Congratulations to today's winner, Lisa Butrie from Grand Blanc.


Research indicates that the average person would spend $158 in order to avoid doing this during the holidays. What?

Spend time with the inlaws. Congrats to MaryAnn, who is today's Workday 108 winner.


According to a survey of married women, 40% say they have done this while their husband wasn't paying attention.

Turn up the heat. Congrats to today's winner, Dollie Twigg from Flint.



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