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According to a survey, one in seven people were terrified of these as a kid. Half of those people are still afraid of them as adults. What?

Escalators. Congratulations to today's winner, Katherine Pierce from Columbiaville.


According to a survey of women, this is the place where the majority say they experienced their first kiss. Name the place.

In the backyard. Congratulations to today's winner, Karen Gervais from Flint.


According to a survey of adults, 3% of us admit that we've cried about this at least once in the last year. (I think the other 97% are lying.) What is it?

Computer problems. Congratulations to today's winner, Sue Oleyar from Flushing.


This vegetable originally came in a variety of colors, the most popular of which was purple. What's the vegetable?

Carrots. Congratulations to today's winner, Michele Kalman from Burton.


According to a survey of Americans, a full 65% of us agree that THIS should be our official national food. What is it?

Bacon. Congratulations to today's winner, Pam Stanley from Grand Blanc.

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