When Denny's is closed, but you are craving eggs.  Sometime you just have to break in and make them yourself.

I've never worked in Law Enforcement.  However, I think it's safe to assume that responding to a breaking and entering call doesn't normally go quite like this.  You would think if two people are going to risk jail time, they have every intention of taking money.  Not these two intruders.

These two guys had breakfast according to the incident report from the Evansville Police Department,

The reporter was able to show me video of the two offenders walking into the
Denny`s at 02:02 this morning (04/21/21). The offenders went onto the kitchen
and prepared some eggs. The offenders left at 2:10

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The story of a couple of people breaking into an Indiana Denny's only to fix themselves a couple of eggs only to leave is hilarious all by itself.  But, that's not where the comedy of this crime ends.  According to the police report, they came back less than an hour later. And they were still hungry.  They made more eggs, dined and once again dashed.

The surveillance footage was shared with the police department but has not been made public.  It appears that the two very hungry Hoosiers did not technically "break" into the Denny's.  It looks like they just walked in through an unlocked door.  The suspects will be charged with theft and criminal trespassing if they are found.

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