There's only one way to play AC/DC music.  And that's with the volume jacked up to wake the neighbors.  53-year-old Joyce Coffey of Epping, New Hampshire is living proof.

Last Tuesday, Joyce's neighbors called the cops because Joyce was blasting "Highway To Hell".  The police arrested her for a noise violation, but wait, it gets better...

A few hours later, she was home and blasting music again.  It's not clear if it was AC/DC , but it was loud enough to get her neighbors to call the cops.  So she was arrested yet again.  A few hours later, she was home again.  And AGAIN, she was blasting music.  She was arrested AGAIN.

And finally, she was home later and threw a frying pan at her nephew.  Which got her arrested for the fourth time in 26 hours.  This one actually stuck and the cops decided not to release her right away.

If this was my neighbor, I think I would move!

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