Look out, everybody. She's a hardened criminal who will stop at NOTHING to smoke the reefer for her arthritis.

Is it November yet? Can we vote for marijuana to be recreational yet? This. Is. So. Stupid.

80-year-old Clare County resident Dolores Saltzman answered her door on June 13th to find a police officer looking for her - they were trying to locate Dolores's great-granddaughter to return a lost phone and stolen ID. That's when the officer smelled...THE REEFER. THE SWEET CHEEBA. THE. MARIJUANA.

She asked Dolores whose pot it was - it's hers. She has arthritis, diverticulitis, and a myriad of other ailments that are helped by smoking pot. Unfortunately, Dolores's medical card was expired at the time...so she was arrested. And spent the night in jail.

She had four joints, a few pipes and a jar full of cannabis. The officer kindly helped her clean up her kitchen before she handcuffed her and hauled her off to jail. *eye roll*

Dolores spent the night in jail. The Clare County prosecutor released the following statement:

"Law enforcement went to Ms. Saltzman’s home looking for an individual who had been known to stay at that residence. When the deputy arrived, she could smell the odor of marijuana. When she interacted with Ms. Saltzman at the door, Ms. Saltzman admitted to have been smoking marijuana and possessing marijuana and that she had allowed her medical marijuana card to lapse. At that time, Ms. Saltzman turned over to the deputy 7 marijuana pipes, 4 joints, a grinder, and a purple glass jar that also held a quantity of marijuana inside. The deputy arrested Ms. Saltzman for the illegal possession of marijuana and lodged her in the Clare County Jail. Based upon that arrest, a police report and request for charges was generated by the deputy and presented to our office. My assistant prosecutor authorized a possession of marijuana charge based upon the admission by Ms. Saltzman that she wasn’t a medical marijuana card holder and the evidence that she did possess marijuana illegally. However, our goal is to ensure that individuals who utilize medical marijuana are doing so legally. As such, Ms. Saltzman was encouraged to obtain her medical marijuana card and if she did so, the case would be dismissed. She did obtain her medical marijuana card and the case was dismissed."

November can't come soon enough, in my opinion. Lots of wasted tax dollars on non-violent offenders - like this post from the Grand Blanc PD yesterday. This is one of those posts where I actually encourage you to read the online comments.

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