Another reminder of why it's so important to reach out to the elderly.

Marleen Brooks of California came home the other day to a handwritten note from her 90-year-old neighbor. Didn't even know her name, until now: her name is Wanda. The note said:

"Would you consider to become my friend.
I'm 90 years old- live alone and all my friends have passed away.
I'm so lonesome and scared."

Marleen and her best friend baked some cupcakes and headed over to Wanda's house. Turns out, Wanda has three sons - one of which passed away last year from cancer. The other two live far away. She has a myriad of health problems herself, and was just looking for some company.

The story was first posted to a San Francisco news man's Facebook, along with the update...Marleen said that she gave Wanda her number, and that she'd be back.

Isolation and loneliness are a huge problem for the elderly, so this story absolutely made our day. Makes me wanna reach out to OUR elderly neighbors!

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