They didn't eat it on their first 1987. 

When we worked in Wisconsin, we used to partner with WAOW, a local TV station, for the Children's Miracle Network radiothon. We became friends with the news team, who we still keep in touch with today.

The evening news anchor, Melissa Langbehn, uploaded these pictures on her Facebook and we asked to share them as well, because it's pretty cool.

She posted that her parents' freezer had finally died, and as they were cleaning it out, they found their wedding cake topper in a box. No big deal, right? A lot of people keep the top of their wedding cake to eat on their first anniversary.

Except they've been married since 1986.

Melissa says that she and her husband didn't eat the cake on their first anniversary, and 30 years later, it's held up pretty well! She says that it smells sweet, but they're going to pass on eating it.

Probably a good idea. Amazing how well it's stayed preserved, though! Thanks for letting us share, Melissa!

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