In this day of "big brother" can they really enforce a law that would require you to get a "license" to smoke? Experts are advocating some extreme regulations that could affect you.

Simon Chapman, of Australia is the biggest advocate of the government issuing smoking licenses to help reduce and eliminate the habit of smoking. Of course the fee's that would be required to obtain and maintain your license would help deter people from the nasty habit.

Under Chapman's plan, applicable licenses would also come with a limit on how many cigarettes you can purchase at any one time. The more you buy, the higher fee you pay. The only bright side is if you quit smoking you get your fee's returned. If you do quit and then find that you can't kick the habit, you have to wait 6 months to re-apply for a new license.

In reality, I think there is very little chance of any kind of this legislation being passed, but when they begin talking about such non-sense, somebody might just decide to try and make it a law.

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