My sister, Nikki, hosted a baby shower for a good friend of the family, Chris.  Nikki had gone to school with Chris since they were in elementary school.  Chris and I had a few classes together in junior high.

My wife informed me that I was asked to join the festivities.  As a guy, I didn't think I was supposed to be in attendance, but then discovered that Chris himself would be there.  I was initially reluctant, but I wasn't going to let Chris suffer through it alone.

With the shower being held at my parents house, I wasn't as apprehensive as I would have been otherwise.   I knew everyone, and it was basically a family game night doused in pink.  There were games and door prizes.  In fact, I won a game and scored some sweet smelling fall candles.

In one of the games, we were asked to recall the names of kids from movies and TV shows.  I did pretty good at this game, only struggling with two questions.  One question asked for the names of the characters from "Titanic" who had a love affair with a tragic ending.  Blanking on the name Rose, my response was "Jack and Diane."  Another question asked us to name the kids from "Little House on the Prairie."  Drawing another blank, I replied with "Laura, the blind blond, and the gravity-challenged little girl who kept falling down the hill at the end of every episode."

The worst part about it was the 'Poop in the Diaper' game in which 10 different candy bars are melted in 10 separate diapers, and you get to name the candy bar.  I have a very weak stomach, and even though I knew in my head that I was looking at chocolate, my stomach could help churning.  I almost lost my lunch when my classy wife began to taste the 'poo' samples.  Listen to the discussion from the morning show today: