2010 was quite a year for some celebrities, but who will actually make a comeback this year? Lindsay Lohan is currently in rehab but she's almost done and wrote on Twitter the other day that "Today is the first day of the rest of my life."  She's been very optimistic about the new year, but will it continue?  The last time she left rehab she only behaved for a short while and then ended up back in court.  I wish I could say that she's going to do really well this year but I'm going to predict that she'll be back in jail in about six months or so.  Charlie Sheen has also had a busy 2010, but what will be in store for him?  Two and a Half Men will continue to be a success, but when will his partying get out of control again?  Do you think he'll try to have a year with no scandals?

Then of course who can forget about Mel Gibson and all of his troubles in 2010.  Despite his behavior, I think he's going to be the one who truly makes a comeback this year.  I think there are a lot of people in Hollywood who still respect him and I think in about five or six months he'll be on the rise again.  I know it's only been two days in 2011 but I figured there would have been some new scandals by now.  Let's give it a few weeks and see what happens.

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