It's no secret that I am a huge fan of the 'Dallas' reboot on TNT. Season one was loaded with one incredible plot twist after another. Season two had a different kind of plot twist with the death of iconic actor Larry Hagman.  The man who has portrayed J.R. Ewing on-and-off for the past five decades passed away half way through filming the second season.

While Hagman was able to film five of this season's episodes, the production staff scrambled to re-write the entire season.  Hagman's character was then able to appear in seven episodes.  So how did they end the life of the evil oil tycoon?  At the end of the seventh episode, Dallas fans worldwide were asking the same question they asked in 1980... "Who shot J.R.?"

However, this time we know that J.R. won't survive the shooting, since his real-world counterpart, Larry Hagman, is no longer with us.  The producers promise a fitting tribute to Larry Hagman and J.R. Ewing in the next episode which airs Monday on TNT. Many cast members from the original 1978 - 1991 run of the prime-time drama will reprise their roles at J.R.'s funeral.

Do you think revisiting the whole "Who shot J.R.?" scenario is a quick and simple fix, or a great way to go full circle with this character that we all love to hate?