Over the past few decades, we've welcomed dozens - or maybe even hundreds - of very talented people into our homes, delivering the day's news, weather, sports, and human interest stories.

Some, especially those who were employed by their respective TV stations for a long time like Bill Harris, Katie O'Mara, and the late Sam Merrill, became household names and fixtures in our memories, oftentimes because they had such a strong presence in the communities they served.

Does anyone like me have vivid memories as a kid watching the weatherman on channel 5 draw cartoons while he gave the details of the forecast? Jim Peyton's 'Weather Watcher Cartoon' was a fixture in our house when I was growing up. If you're lucky enough to still have one of those cartoons (or maybe just the memory of receiving one) I'd love to hear from you. Email me or upload a picture on our app. Maybe we'll feature you in an upcoming story.

But once these TV anchors graduate from Mid-Michigan, where do they go?

We've compiled a list of a few dozen of those larger-than-life personalities who we remember fondly and have outlined where their respective lives have taken them. Many have moved on to bigger television markets where they have the potential to make more money. A couple have left the business and pursued other career opportunities like teaching or radio and one has even become a playwright.

There have even been a few talented folks who've moved up to TV at the network level, taking high-profile positions with ABC or ESPN. There are a handful of people who are now enjoying retirement and sadly, some have passed away.

Take a look at their photos. They're sure to spark a few memories.

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