A new study by a self-tanning lotion called St. Tropez has figured out exactly when women look their oldest, and there are four reasons that factor in to the answer.

It's at 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon, and here's why:

1) 46% of women drink over the weekend, and your body needs to break down all the toxins and sugars you take in, which puts a strain on your body.  But, the effects of that strain can take up to 72 hours to show up on your face.

2) 37% of women say that they don't get a good night's sleep on Monday, and that takes 48 hours to show up on their face.

3) Monday is also the day women are most likely to forget to use their skin-care products.

4) Finally, one in eight women say Wednesday is the most stressful day of the week. So one in five work through lunch, and get an unhealthy snack early in the afternoon.

All of those different components come together, and everything catches up to you all at once... at about 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon. Sorry ladies.