Are you stressed out about your job? You’re not alone in America. A new survey of US employees finds nearly three out of every four of them experience at least one of a variety of workplace-related worries.

The primary complaint and cause of stress was low wages in the 2012 Work Stress Survey. A total of 11 percent of people said that meager paychecks were their top source of stress.

In second place on that list was  annoying colleagues. Commuting and overwork came in next, while working in a job outside their chosen careers rounded out the top five complaints.

There is some good news. The number of employees who fear being fired or laid off is less than half of what it was last year. In addition, more people now say nothing stresses them out about their jobs — that number currently stands at 26 percent, up five points from the 2011 survey.

John Swartz, a spokesman for the survey, said workplace stress is a real concern that needs to be addressed, he claims that, “Anxiety among employees reduces productivity, lessens job satisfaction, lowers morale and has a negative impact on health. Workplace stress costs US employers billions, and it’s critical that both employers and employees take action to reduce this epidemic.”

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