Too much stress at the office? Want to reduce your stress levels? Take your dog to work. Not only is it good for your stress levels, your co-workers could benefit too!

Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business did some research by monitoring the stress levels of employees at a company with a long history of allowing dogs in the workplace. Some of the workers owned dogs and others didn’t.

What they found was that those workers who didn't bring their dogs to work had much higher levels of cortisol — our body’s stress hormone.

In contrast, those who had their dogs with them experienced lower stress levels, and about half of that group felt dogs were important to their productivity.

“We think dogs’ presence in the workplace may reduce stress for their owners, increase job satisfaction even for those without pets, and it may increase perceptions of organizational support,” said researcher Randolph Barker. “It’s a low-cost wellness intervention, or benefit, that’s available readily to any organization.”

I truly think that I would enjoy having my Sammi around through the workday. She would enjoy it too. Now, if we can just get corporate to let us bring them.



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