My wife and I are the proud parents of three kids. As of this past Sunday, we have no kids under the age of five. With my youngest, Parker, hitting his five year milestone and my oldest about to turn nine, I couldn't help but notice how fast kids grow up, and how fast they start to pick up on certain things.

For example, at Parker's party, he got a balloon-animal Spiderman. Some of the guests began to giggle when they saw it, even Ben, my oldest, tried to hide from me that he was laughing.  I finally took a good, long look at Spiderman, and then I lost it!

Obviously at 36 years of age, my innocence is long gone, and I find it difficult to keep my filter turned on all the time.  Next thing you know, every adult at the party were laughing so hard that our sides hurt, and the kids (well, most of the kids) had no idea why we were laughing!  Can you see what's wrong with Spiderman's web?  It's not the first time that a balloon animal ended up looking like something that wasn't intended, but some reason having a superhero wielding "that" is even funnier!


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