There's such wonder and amazement in the creative mind of a child. They see things that our adult minds can see. And our adult minds see things that they didn't intend.

We were at a birthday party this weekend, and realized what a small world it is.  My wife went to school with Natalee, who works with a woman named Kristen, who is the sister of my co-worker Maggie.  I had never met Kristen's kids, Spencer and Stella, until the party, but sitting next to Maggie at work for all these years I'd heard all about them.

In fact, I helped my Maggie put together a surprise music CD for Stella's recent birthday party.  It was a fake radio station that played nothing but Michael Jackson songs. Kristen told me how the music was a hit at the party, and that Stella loves the CD so much that she still listens to it all the time.

Then the conversation shifted gears to her son Spencer, and his drawings.  Kristen pulled out some of his recent art, and though we tried not to, my wife and I couldn't help but laugh.  We are in our 30s, but our childish mentality took over.  We tried to contain ourselves, but Kristen joined in on our giggle-fest.

I'm not going to say what we all thought the purple dress looks like, you can connect the dots. I said to Kristen, "Wow, Uncle Maggie must be so proud!" We continued to talk about things all of our kids drew or wrote that didn't quite come out as they intended. Then I remembered that sometimes adults draw things they didn't intend, like when ABC 12's Siobhan Riley drew, uh... the same thing that Spencer drew, but she did it on live TV!

What have your kids drawn or written that resembled something or had a meaning that they weren't planning for?

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