We all have those movies that we absolutely love. You know, the ones we watch over and over and can pretty much recite every single line. And of course we have those movies that we despise. But what about those movies you love that really got to you, touched you, scared you or messed with your mind to the point that you couldn't imagine ever watching them again.

Recently I came across a post on Twitter by comedian Rose Matafeo asking  her followers, 'What is the best film that you never want to see again?' I've got to admit it really got me thinking,  and from the multitude of responses it looks like everyone else too.

Many responses were movies too sad to withstand again, but notably considered fantastic by the moviegoer. Recently Marie Claire magazine assembled a list of some of the saddest, most romantic, cry-worthy flicks ever. Finding its way on the best of the best list were movies such as 'One Day', 'The Way We Were', and 'My Girl'. For me it has to be 'The Boy in the Striped Pajamas'. An incredible film that tore at my heart and is just one film I can't watch again. Twitter responses noted 'Schindler's List',  and one commenting that only the first 20 minutes of 'Up' he is stirring away from watching again. I totally agree with that one.

Responses to Matafeo also veered towards that scary side of cinema with movies such as  'Hereditary' and 'The Witch'. Great films, but once scared is more than enough. For me I immediately go to the 1992 movie 'Candyman'. I absolutely loved the movie, but had nightmares for weeks.

I sought the opinion of my co-worker's on the question at hand. George McIntyre's choice for the best film he never wanted to see again was 'The Purge'. "It was so dark and disturbing with so many aspects leaving me to think on some horrible level could some people think this would be a good thing", he said. Clay of Club 93.7 picked 'Remember the Titans' saying, "Sometimes a movie is just so good  you don't need to watch it again".

So now that I've  got you thinking...What's your choice for the best film you never want to see again?


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