I have a "momfession" to make, because we pride ourselves on being REAL people:I posted a picture earlier of our "...

Posted by Pat and AJ on Sunday, August 16, 2015


I posted a "momfession" yesterday on our Facebook page, because we're real people. And life can get messy sometimes.

I think we all know this already, but there have been multiple studies showing that social media can make you depressed. We compare ourselves to our friends and family on Facebook, wondering why their lives are perfect and ours aren't. Jealous of their income, their vacations, their homes, their perfect kids, etc.

Yesterday, I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. So our son and I decided to go paddle boating in Kent Lake at Kensington Metropark. The first half-hour was great! The rest of the afternoon? Not so much.

After I posted the pictures online, things went downhill. Fast. Later that night, I almost had a sense of guilt about portraying our day as "perfect," because it was far from it. So I detailed the mess that followed, and I have no regrets about it. Life is messy. Parenting is hard. We all have bad days. And I wouldn't want anybody to think that we're any different.