You may have noticed yesterday (11/5) was a huge day for the Internet, especially Twitter, and the online hackivist group Anonymous. Here's my take on what happened on the fifth of November.

First thing's first, if you are unaware, there is a online hacker group called Anonymous that has used their powers of hacking websites around the world for the goal of, as they put it, "supporting the poor & powerless. Bringing justice to the world."

Anonymous has used their powers of hacktivism to shut down websites that were connected to child pornography, and have uncovered and shut down ISIS recruitment websites and Twitter accounts. Recently, Anonymous has got into a battle with the Ku Klux Klan , or KKK. According to Anonymous:

 You are terrorists that hide your identities beneath sheets and infiltrate society on every level. The privacy of the Ku Klux Klan no longer exists in cyberspace.

Yesterday (11/5) via Twitter, Anonymous published the names, aliases, Facebook accounts, Google Plus profiles and other identifying information of people tied to the Ku Klux Klan or KKK-associated organizations.

Of course, the fallout from such a list of names was felt all over the Internet. The hashtag #HoodsOff and #OpKKK were going crazy on Twitter. After watching all the events unfold leading up to the promised data dump of KKK members/sympathizers, I decided to take a deep look into the list of names. I actually printed the list out and went searching online to see what I could find out about these members of such a radical and violent group.

First, a lot of people put some crazy stuff online. I was appalled at how most of these Facebook and Google profiles were decorated with hateful and shocking violent imagery. There were profiles that were draped in racist rantings and badly put together memes disparaging whole communities that were different from them. A profile that blew my mind was for a lady who is an active member in the KKK, but also, get this, sells Scentsy. I kid you not. She was hawking Scentsy wax products in one post, then spewing hate in the next. It was quite an eye full.

I continued digging more into the list of profiles. I realized that I was witnessing what I would call the worst people I have ever seen on the Internet. People who are hateful, do not care who they hurt, and cannot spell or punctuate worth a damn. After having a few moments where I actually LOL-ed at the stupidity of these people, I realized something that shook me to my core. These people have children.

Now, we can sit here and call these KKK members/sympathizers all the names in the world. I have no love for the adults that have made the decision to be hateful and violent members of an organization that is known for terror tactics and murder. But, these children that are in these households are who I sympathize with. These kids don't know any better, and they are getting taught social skills by parents that are in the KKK.

If that doesn't make you angry, I don't know what will. Because when I realized that a majority of these profiles that I was viewing had pictures of their kids, some draped in the traditional Ku Klux Klan white sheets, I got mad. I got mad at these parents who think that the KKK is where they should be and raise a family. These kids will be products of the hateful teachings of the KKK and they will learn it all from their mom and dad.

Alright, now that I have riled myself up again, I hope that this makes you more observant of people around your family. If anything has come out of this data dump, I hope that you are more aware of the fact that racism is alive in the United States and the Ku Klux Klan is 'still a thing' to some in our country. I hope that this data dump is a lesson to these KKK members/sympathizers that your violent actions and racist speech will no longer be tolerated in any form, you have no where to hide.

I applaud Anonymous for it's actions against the Ku Klux Klan. There has been KKK members leaving the Klan because they don't want to be 'found out'. I look forward to seeing more Klan members 'de-hood' themselves and have an awaking to see that what the Klan does is not right and doesn't belong in anyone's life, including kids who have the unfortunate luck of being a part of your family.