Viewers of NBC-25 were perplexed after watching Meteorologist Jamie Kagol, who appeared to suffer from some sort of medical episode during Tuesday's local newscast.

Rumors quickly spread, and one industry watchdog website wondered if the WEYI weatherman had suffered a stroke. Staffers aided Kagol, as he sought immediate medical attention. Earlier today, he issued a statement on his personal Facebook page today, noting that all of the tests which he underwent turned out fine, and Kagol thanked viewers for their concern.

Kagol noted that he may have suffered from dehydration and a sudden drop in his blood pressure.

You can click the Facebook link, or use our comments section below to wish Jamie well in his recovery.

And now that we know Kagol is going to be OK, check out the funny video below from 2014, when a bat invaded the NBC-25 studio.


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