Sometimes, surveillance video can show us some very sweet, heartwarming moments.

Early on Sunday morning, a little girl was seen walking alone in the area of Keating and East State Fair in Detroit. A citizen took her to a local gas station and called the police.

In the surveillance video from the gas station, you can see strangers looking after her until police arrive, where she then runs into the arms of one of the officers. *cue the awwwwwwwwws*

She was taken to the 11th precinct at around 5:20 in the morning and her parents were located shortly after.

I'm not going to parent shame at all here - there's a reason they call 3-year-olds "threenagers." Yes, there's always a chance that your (or my) child could get out of bed and walk out the front door while we're sleeping. Who knows what unexpected turns this story will end up taking (or maybe it won't - maybe she just slipped out while everybody was sleeping), but let's control our judgment and take the video for what it is - strangers and law enforcement, being good humans.

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