Both the mother and daughter are safe, but police have been unable to locate the thief and the van.

This isn't a movie - it's real life, and it's almost unbelievable.

A 7-year-old girl is okay after escaping a carjacking at a Valero gas station in Detroit on Tuesday.

Her mom, Assbehei Theu, left her daughter Sylve in the van for a minute while she ran inside (keep the mom shaming to yourselves - I'm sure she feels AWFUL and will never do this again) when a man jumped into the drivers seat and took off.

Luckily, Sylva managed to sneak out the back door before the man sped away. In the video, you can see that her mom doesn't know that she's escaped and chases after the van down the street. Sylve was taken care of in the gas station by clerk Musab Quasem until her mom came back.

The police have not yet found the thief or the van. They describe the man as having a medium black complexion, about 6 feet 2 inches tall, wearing tan work boots.

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