When it comes to great places to eat, every state has a place where the spirit of Mexico comes alive on every plate. Those restaurants are rich in tradition with such incredible dishes that keep people coming back for more.

Finding the best of the best in Michigan when it comes to who serves the top Mexican food would seem like an impossible task, but 24/7 Wall St. did just that. They compiled a list of the "Best Mexican Restaurant in Each State", and we think it's one list that needs to be made.

"Mexico came in second only to Italy as the country with the best food overall, according to Ranker readers responding to a survey the sitthe conducted two years ago. And Mexican is the second most popular “ethnic” cuisine in the United States after Chinese – and the number-one favorite in some 27 states", they wrote. 

When it comes to Michigan's best, you'll need to head to the legendary Detroit area known as Mexican Town. What separates Mexican Town Restaurant isn't just its vibrant ambiance or friendly service, although amazing, it's the dedication to authenticity and flavor that truly makes it shine.

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Founded in the 1920s in southwest Detroit, immigrants from the Mexican state of Jalisco began settling there to take advantage of industrial jobs. Since then it has been a mecca of culture and businesses rich in tradition.

What is the Best Mexican Restaurant in Michigan?

For the Great Lakes State, 24/7 Wall St. chose Taquería Mi Pueblo as the best spot for Mexican food in the state. Here's what they had to say;

“Huaraches, birria, gorditas, chicharrones, mole… all of it. Not one bite has been disappointing.” That’s one Yelp reviewer’s take on this something-for-everybody establishment with its endless menu. “As someone from Arizona who grew up with fantastic Mexican food on every corner,” wrote another commentator, “this was really good Mexican food!”

The three-level eatery also provides amazing authentic drinks and a festive colorful atmosphere that makes the whole experience worth every delicious bite. So, if you find yourself in Detroit craving a taste of Mexico, look no further than Taquería Mi Pueblo in Mexican Town for the best meal in the state.

Be sure to check out the full state-by-state list here.

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