Michigan's donut game is strong, and the proof is in the (donut) pudding!

When it comes to donuts, Michigan has earned its stripes as one of those states that have not only a great donut shop just about on every corner, but a good portion of them are timeless Mom & Pop family-owned shops everyone loves. You'd be hard-pressed to pick just one favorite, but thankfully someone else took on that task.

Yelp has released its annual list of the Top 100 U.S. Donut Shops, and the drool-worthy selection features two Michigan shops this year.

"From old-fashioned frosted classics to bacon-topped maple creams, and trendy Hawaiian-style donuts with ube-flavored glaze, our 2nd annual guide to the top US donut spots has it all. The common denominator? They’re all considered America’s best by the Yelp community", Yelp wrote. 

*You can read the methodology for compiling the list here.

What Two Michigan Donut Shops Are Ranked Best in America?

Ranked number 34 on Yelp’s list is Avon Donuts in Pontiac. The popular shop is a "bright and early" stop for those craving their unique creations. The shop has minimal seating and tends to sell out quickly. "We make our own glaze, and it's just a different type of unique icing topping to a light and fluffy doughnut," Ling Ly told the Detroit News about her family-owned business. "Most places sell cookies or baked goods, but we focus only on handmade doughnuts."

The shop is no stranger to the limelight either, having been ranked by Time Magazine as the #4 donut shop in the U.S. in 2018.


Landing on the list at  #72 on Yelp’s top 100 list is Dom Bakeries in Ypsilanti. For decades the family-owned donut shop has been a fixture near the campus of Eastern Michigan University giving students a "study break treat" when they need it. Social media comments seem to lean towards their paczkis & fritters being some of the best in the world too.

As you make your way around the Great Lakes State, be sure to add these two donut destinations to your stops!

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