I don't know about you, but when it comes to the majority of the television watching, I'm pretty much creature of habit. I have my stations, and I have my shows I routinely watch like clockwork, and like most, I'm usually not a big fan of change.

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Monday morning saw diehard Live with Kelly & Ryan viewers tune into local ABC12 WJRT at 9:00am expecting to see the popular morning talk show only to find it replaced. Instead views saw the new local show, Good Morning Mid-Michigan in the time slot.

The new located focused show, co-hosted by ABC12's Matt Barbour and Christina Burkhart, arrived without much noticed. Barbour, who is mornings and noon news on the station, posted a video to Facebook on August 26th teasing the upcoming show noting he "would be hosting a new lifestyle show" coming in early September. He did however at the not mention a co-host or the time slot in the video itself.

ABC12 posted early Monday morning on social media the how was making it's big debut at 9:00am. Both Barbour and Burkhart, who is a station meteorologist, also shared the big news that it "was the day". As much as they were excited, viewers had mixed feelings, and most were not favorable.

Many were upset that the long running show, Ripa and Seacrest have been a team since 2017 with Ripa part of the the morning show scene since 2001, had been replaced by more news.

"I will find another station to watch. Can’t believe you added another hour of news and no longer air Live with Kelly and Ryan


"What happened to Kelly and Ryan? That has been my favorite morning show for decades. So, disappointed!"


"I like Live with Kelly & Ryan!! I will not watch another news show or what ever you want to call it!! I agree with everyone, there is way to much news on and they rehash all the same stuff all day!!"

On the other hand, some did congratulate the new morning show duo, and both Barbour and Burkhart were quick to address both negative and positive feedback with pure class. Some also noted the change could stem from the recently announced sale of   the station to Allen Media Broadcasting.

Yes change is hard, we get it, but maybe give the new show, that will focus on local businesses, our community, and feature guests as well, a fair shake. Yes, change is hard, but sometimes it can be good.


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