There is no way that you grew up in the 80's and 90's and not have a John Hughes film be part of your life. Forget part...they WERE are lives. The filmmaker, born in Lansing, Michigan, gave us some of the most iconic movies of our time. Films that still today resonate and touch all of us.

Recently, Josh Gad aired the final episode of this YouTube show "Reunited Apart". The podcast has been a hit during the coronavirus pandemic by bringing together the casts of some of our favorite films. From  The Goonies to  Ghostbusters , the stars have virtually joined together to talk about the movies they starred in that have survived the test of time.

For his final hurrah, Gad brought back together one of the most memorable casts ever. The gang from John Hughes 1986 mega hit  Ferris Buellers Day Off  assembled  once again to chat about the movie that they will forever be associated with.

Joining in were Matthew Broderick, who portrayed Ferris in the teen comedy, costars Jennifer Grey, Alan Ruck, and Mia Sara. Other surprise guests were Ben Stein, Lyman Ward, Cindy Pickett, Kenny Ortega the choreographer of the famous parade scene. Ortega met Grey for the first time during the film and would go on to work with her on her huge hit  Dirty Dancing.

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The Ferris Bueller cast lovingly recalled Hughes who died, age 59, from a heart attack in 2009. Hughes, best know for his coming of age teen movies, gave us a slew of others memorable flicks  and characters that often defined the actors that portrayed them.

The real highlight of the reunion comes in the last 10 minutes of Gads show. For anyone, like myself that felt these characters that John Hughes created in his films, be ready for a special and somewhat moving tribute.

Those that Hughes touched with iconic roles give their own special thank you's  to the creative mastermind behind those timeless treasures. Celebs like Molly Ringwald,  who Hughes actually wrote roles especially for as his muse, Andrew McCarthy, and Steve Martin are featured recreating iconic bits of dialogue from their movies with Hughes.There are so many classic lines delivered you'll find yourself watching it a few times so to not miss a single cameo. Of course Broderick raps things up in true Ferris form.

With the entire montage being set to the Simple Minds hit from  The Breakfast Club, "Don't You Forget About Me", you may tear up a bit....I did. Just a flood of memories of such a easy happy time. Wouldn't it be nice to have a day that's just like one in a John Hughes film? Just one.

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