[UPDATE] CNN reports that Verizon has decided to scrap its new policy, due to overwhelming complaints.

If it feels like you're being nickled-and-dimed to death, it's probably because you are. Beginning January 15th, you'll be charged a $2 "convenience fee" in order to use certain methods of paying your Verizon bill. Convenient.

Hit the jump for the breakdown.

Some means of payment will be fee-free, but Verizon will "pass the buck" on to consumers when they do the following:

  • Pay online with a credit or debit card
  • Pay over the phone with a credit or debit card

No fee will be charged for using the following payment methods:

  • Paper check
  • Electronic check
  • Auto-Pay, which automatically bills a credit or debit card, or debits your bank account
  • Verizon gift cards, or reward cards
  • In-store payments

And don't forget, if you choose to mail in an old-school paper check, that will cost you a penny more, when the US Post Office raises its rates on January 22nd.

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