If you were following the drama in Lapeer created by a single shirt at a resale shop, you will be happy to know that it has found a home.

If you remember, about a week ago, there was a Facebook post from a Lapeer resident calling attention to the hilariously offensive shirt in the Lapeer Goodwill. I did a story about it as well, hoping that I could go snap it up. Well, someone beat me to it, Jo Ann Grawey Lopp of Lapeer.

I received a call from the original poster, Chris Pender, letting me know that the shirt was purchased by Jo Ann. I immediately friended her on Facebook because, of course she has a great sense of humor. I asked her about the shirt and how she's strutting around town with it.

Me: Want to go meet up and go have coffee? I know what you can wear. Is it okay if I name you as the owner of the best t-shirt on the planet right now?

Jo Ann: Lol. Absolutely.

Me: Awesome! Do you happen to have a photo of you wearing the shirt I could use?

Jo Ann: Oh god no lol ... it's a medium and I'm an xl

Me: Oh got ya, so you bought it to frame rather than wear. I get it.

Jo Ann: Lmao.. I went to get it because it was a very big deal and I thought it was hilarious.

Jo Ann is right. It was hilarious and I am so glad to find out that the shirt went to a person who is going to treat it right. Hopefully, if you go into Jo Ann's house it will be hanging from the rafters in honor of a great day at Goodwill.

A day where people all over Lapeer converged on a Goodwill to bring home the best shirt in the land. But there was only one victor: Jo Ann Grawey Lopp.

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