File this duet on the Academy of County Music Awards under, "I didn't think it would work, but it's way better than I thought".

I'm sure you weren't glued to your television last night to watch the Academy of County Music awards, but you missed pretty much the unlikely duet of the year with Dolly Parton and Katy Perry. They performed together a medley of Dolly's hits and one that stuck out to me was "Jolene".

Full disclosure, you will always find me trying to caterwaul to "Jolene". I may not be able to bust it out like Dolly, but I freaking love that song, it would be classified as my 'jam'. So when I saw on Facebook this morning people freaking out because Katy Perry was singing with Dolly, I had to check it out for myself.

I have to admit, I went into it thinking, no way is this going to be a good thing. I left the video thinking, well excuse the heck out of me! Great job Dolly and Katy! By the way, if you ever need a third, let me know. I will rock a blinding amount of rhinestones and make it happen.