"I do, I do, I do." Nathaniel D'Amato is apparently good at wedding nuptials, but not so good at divorce. The Texas man was arrested Monday (6/4) after his new bride discovered that he still has multiple wives, including one in Michigan.

Side note, how does a guy who looks like Dean Norris/Fat Bruce Willis/Hank Schrader on 'Breaking Bad' get so many women??

Just days after getting married in April, a woman contacted authorities saying that she had received emails from several women claiming that they were still married to D'Amato. She then kicked him out of the house.

Deputies say he married his wife in Michigan in 1998. The woman's identity unknown at this time. D'Amato may have also had many common-law wives in addition to the women he married. (Again, back to my side note above...)

According to KTRK, bigomy is a second-degree felony, for which D'Amato could face 99 years in prison.

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