They were just two of 500 parents referred to the Muskegon County Prosecutor's Office for the truancy of their children.

24-year-old Sarah Lynn Martinez (left) is serving an 18-day sentence because her 7-year-old daughter (who has been held back to kindergarten because of her absences) has missed three months of school.

35-year-old Elizabeth Miller (right) is serving a 10-day sentence because her four children have approximately 26 absences a piece. Both mothers were talked to several times before their arrest.

Muskegon County Senior Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Alisha Riedl says, "The goal of our Operation Graduation program is not to incarcerate parents. Our goal is to help parents ensure that their children get to school."

THREE MONTHS of school??? You need a license to hunt, to fish and to drive...but not to be a parent. *sigh*

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