The kittens were asked to submit paw prints and had to undergo a background check as well.

Just kidding, but there are so many jokes that I couldn't resist.

We told you about a month ago that the police department in Troy was campaigning on Twitter to get a police cat. And, of course, it happened, because social media.


And again, thanks to social media, the Troy PD are keeping us in the loop during the selection process - on Friday, five kittens and one one-year-old cat were interviewed for the position.

The cat will be used as a therapy cat and will also make public appearances. However, said cat will NOT live at the police department; instead, the cat will go home with an officer every night. They also want to use this opportunity to promote animal adoption.

They chose one of the kittens, and will start a Twitter campaign with local schools to pick a name. May we throw something in the ring for that? Major Meowsers. You're welcome, Troy PD.

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