Sherri Glezman is sharing her story with the hopes that it will make a difference.

She's from Traverse City and, after hearing about a bill that would ban minors from tanning beds, she's speaking out about her own battle with skin cancer.

Sherri admits that she's been tanning since her mid-20s and that she even went a couple of times after she was diagnosed with skin cancer. She said that she was "addicted" to tanning and believed that, the darker she got, the more beautiful she would look.

Jump forward ten years to when she fell and hurt her knee...and it wouldn't heal. Doctors told Sherri that she had squamous cell carcinoma - after the spot disappeared, she continued to go tanning. Now, she has hundreds of spots and has to go to the doctor regularly to have them removed. She also has chemotherapy boots on her legs.

If this doesn't scare you away from tanning, I don't know what will.

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