Michigan air travelers have several really good options around the state. While regional airports can get you places, only one is large enough to send you around the world.

JD Power just completed its Airport Satisfaction Survey and Michigan landed the top spot.

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Michigan's Largest Airport is Recognized by All of North America

Detroit Metropolitan Airport is known for its giant size. In fact, it's referred to as a "Mega Airport" -- one that serves over 33 million passengers each year.

It turns out, more travelers love DTW than we could ever imagine.

Holiday Air Travel Expected To Near Pre-Pandemic Levels
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How did the survey ask passengers to rate airports?

The study focuses on three major factors:

  • terminal facilities
  • food & beverage and retail options
  • baggage claim
  • security check
  • check-in & baggage check
  • airport arrival and departure

Out of a possible 1,000 points in the survey, Detro Metro Airport scored 800. The highest of airports sharing its size.

  • Minneapolis-St Paul International had 796 points at number two.
  • Harry Reid International (Las Vegas) ranked third at 787 points.
Holiday Air Travel Expected To Near Pre-Pandemic Levels
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It's just a bonus the airport always looks amazing during the holidays when folks travel most.

How many travelers were surveyed?

According to WXYZ-TV, JD Power surveyed 27,147 travelers. Each person had to have traveled through at least one US or Canadian airport.

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Next time, the survey should include questions about the best fountain (in the Delta Terminal) and underground colorful tunnel. We'd win in that department, too.

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The Airbnb offers an indoor pool, but it's by far the first I've seen to offer a full tropical oasis. Complete with rock formations and even palm trees. When you're bored with swimming, you can play a few matches on the indoor full-size tennis court complete with a spectator viewing area.

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Today residents and visitors are now welcomed to Bois Blanc Canada via the under five-minute car ferry ride from Amherstburg, Ontario. Aside from those who live there, and their guests, not many have had a chance to return to Boblo Island...until now.
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