If you're going to give a puppy as a gift this Christmas, make sure you give the gift of training, too.

We got our dog when she was eight weeks old and MAN was she a handful! Chewed up the carpet in our apartment, peed on our bed when she was mad, etc. It was expensive and messy, to say the least.

And then, we got her into a puppy training class.

She learned the basics of obedience - sit, stay, down, leave it, heel. We worked on leash training and she learned how to exist around other dogs without being aggressive or too playful. Proper socialization techniques are very important to learn early for dogs.

At Key Lore, they offer a class for everybody and every dog. Whether it's housebreaking, crate training, or something more advanced like clicker training, barn hunt or agility, Sharon and the staff at Key Lore can help.

Nowadays, families don't always have somebody at home to work with their new puppy. Whether it's work or other responsibilities, you want to make sure that your dog is trained to be at home when you're not.

If you take their "Basic Skills" class, you'll also get three days of doggie daycare included for some extended training time.

Maybe you've got a dog who's NOT a puppy, be still needs some training for shyness, separation anxiety, car manners, etc. Key Lore has a class for that, too. Most classes are 30-minute sessions, but one-on-one training can vary. Either way, the time and effort is worth it for a lifelong, well-behaved dog.

Unsure about which class to give as a Christmas present? Gift certificates from Key Lore are always a great choice, too.

Questions? Give them a call at (810) 659-5951.

Our dog is now 11-years-old and she still uses a lot of the techniques that she learned in the puppy training class. Other than that, nothing has really changed! *wink wink*

via Pat and AJ
via Pat and AJ