It's still 2020, and this holiday season, no traditional stream of a yule log on your TV will cut it. Nope, this year, we're switching to this 10-hour dumpster fire video.

If we could award the people at Trigger Advertising on YouTube with an Oscar for this genius idea, we would. Nothing sums up 2020 quite like this piece of work.

It's just basically a giant yellow dumpster in an alley labeled '2020' spewing flames with a few Christmas stockings in the background. Doesn't your mind just go right to throwing all 2020 calendars into this blazing baby (along with travel brochures, party invitations, etc.)? Even if that old yule log video you used to pull up during the holidays could speak, it would give you its blessing. We're just sorry we didn't think of this first, lol.

Watch the 2020 Holiday Dumpster Fire Video:

Coronavirus. Lockdown. Face masks. Social distancing. Virtual learning. Exhausted front line workers. So many lives lost. George Floyd. Brianna Taylor. Black Lives Matter. The election. Murder Hornets. No concerts. Spending the holidays apart. Carson Wentz benched. And we still have two weeks left in the year.

Nothing seems more appropriate than putting this baby on repeat while sipping hot chocolate (made with a Hot Cocoa Bomb, naturally) while catching up with family and friends over Zoom.

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