The former Detroit mob member whose tips have led to the latest search for Jimmy Hoffa's remains speaks out on his hopes for a proper burial for a "good friend." Catch Tony Zerilli's interview here.

The FBI claims that 85-year-old Tony Zerilli was once second in command of the mob in Detroit. He claims that there is no doubt that Jimmy Hoffa is buried on a vacant piece of land in Oakland Township, the latest dig sight in the search for Jimmy Hoffa's remains.

Zerilli says "I want to say that I'd like to see him exhumed, and be buried properly. Like he deserves to be." The former member of the Detroit mob calls Hoffa "a good man, a good friend."

Fueling the fire of this latest search is a website,, which features a manuscript that appears to have been written by Tony Zerilli.

The FBI plans to continue its search today.

Catch a field guide to all of the searches to find Jimmy Hoffa's body here.

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