The latest search for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa's body began yesterday, and investigators are still hopeful that the former Teamster's boss will be found. Here are the latest details.

Nearly 38 years after his disappearance, the search for Jimmy Hoffa's body continues. The latest effort, prompted by a tip from former Detroit mob member, Anthony Joseph Zerilli, has the FBI, a K-9 team and forensic anthropologists from Michigan State excavating a vacant field in Oakland Township.

Zerilli maintains that after an afternoon meeting at a Bloomfield Township restaurant, Hoffa was "bound and gagged, hit over the head with a shovel, and then buried alive," on a piece of property on Buell Road, near Adams Road. That piece of land was formerly owned by another Detroit mob member, Jack Tocco.

Mr. Zerilli goes on to say that there used to be a barn in that field, and under that barn Hoffa is buried beneath a concrete slab.

The FBI will only confirm that they are executing a search warrant.

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