Any woman who has gone through the long, painful process pf childbirth is well acquainted with the agony of labor pains, and we've all joked that if it was up to men, there would be no more babies! Is that really true? Find out here.

"According to men, women exaggerate everything," claims the two tough grown up men featured in this "told you so!" video.

For reasons unknown, they decided to place themselves at the mercy of Dr. Julie Masters to undergo some serious labor contractions courtesy of an electrode labor simulator placed directly on to their abdomens. Just for fun, their wives (who gave these men children!) were invited to coach and support.

What started out as a fun joke quickly turned into a "told you so" lesson in childbirth!



They were certainly singing a different tune in the end, weren't they? Did you happen to notice the color of their complexions? So who's the stronger sex now guys?