People around Flint and Genesee County tend to love some type of soup no matter the weather.

Some are better when fall and winter come around.

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Best Restaurant Soups Around Flint and Genesee County Michigan

We've gathered 18 of the best soups and even a homemade bread bowl made right here in Genesee County, in case you want that extra hearty vibe.

Restaurants around our area have so many flavorful options.

The best comfort food around.

Soup is a great starter while you're dining out or a meal all on its own.

Beware, we only included one chili -- not because others weren't worthy, but only one in Genesee County is legendary. Made with the same recipe for decades.

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The same goes for Chicken Noodle Soup. Many restaurants have it, but not all are homemade with family recipes used for generations.

Soup Season in Flint

Even the legendary 'Seinfeld' craved soup. George Costanza had a "mode."

Famously, they didn't get any soup in the end. That's not the case for any of us around Flint.

We've found the tastiest soups from

  • Italian
  • American
  • Mexican
  • Middleastern
  • Asian cultures and more.

Seafood, chicken, beef, veggie and even hearty lentil made the list.

Some restaurants have been around for decades while others are relatively new.

Grab a bib, napkin and favorite dipping bread and belly up for the best comfort soups around Genesee County.

Best Restaurant Soups Around Flint and Genesee County Michigan

18 of the Best Restaurant Soups to Comfort Flint Area Folks Now

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